Senator Catalin Voicu was sued by anti graft prosecutors for traffic of influence and false in documents relating corruption acts. In the same file, judge Florin Costiniu and businessmen Costel Casuneanu and Marius Locic were accused, a press release of the anti graft prosecutors reads.

  • Florin Costiniu is accused of traffic of influence
  • Business man Costel Casuneanu is accused of bribe offering
  • Marius Locic, the other businessman in the file, si accused of bribe offering and false in declarations.
  • Prosecutors accuse Senator Voicu of repeatedly asking for bribes from Costel Casuneanu, amounting to 260,000 euro of which he received 200,000 euro. In exchange for the money, Voicu promised to intervene in the businessman's favor in a trial case.