Budapest plans to offer passports to all Hungarian ethnics living in neighboring countries, one newspaper reads on Tuesday. Elsewhere in the news, the Boc government faces a tough week. Last but not least, NASA warns that 2010 will be the hottest year but Romanian authorities cannot know as Parliamentarians cut the Prognosis Lab within the National Meteorology Administration.

Budapest plans to offer passports to all Hungarian ethnics living in neighboring countries, Romania libera reads. The newspaper warns, quoting the Czech publication Lidove noviny, that an increase in nationalism might destabilize the EU because Hungary promotes ethnic based borders.

The draft law regarding citizenship, which the Hungarian PM Viktor Orban rushed to present in the first session of the new Parliament is not a reason to raise worries. The Czech publication reads that the law corresponds with the legislation in most EU states. However, if the announced plans to create a unified national space and offer citizens in other countries full rights to get involved in Hungary's politics and economics, an explosive cocktail is formed.

The aim is to abuse the EU to redesign state frontiers, to reestablish Hungary's influence which would unite about 15 million Hungarians. The new government in Budapest promotes the consolidation of ethnic borders.

Even though the executive decides on Wednesday to take responsibility in the Parliament, austerity measures cannot be applied starting June 1, Evenimentul Zilei reads. This week, the government needs to answer the great challenge of which the country's future depends.

As promised, the executive will take responsibility on the pack of laws that will implement pension and salary cuts. However, with all the steps needed, the measures will not be able to enter into force starting June, as announced.

What is still unknown is whether the requests of the unions will be taken into account. On Friday, after the meeting with business representatives, PM Boc declared that the proposals of the unions will be analyzed and will be considered when the government approves the intent letter to the IMF.

The day in which the general strike will be launched in the budgetary system might be decided tomorrow, after the last meeting between the government and the unions, before the government approves the intent letter to the IMF.

Last but not least, Romania cannot make season estimates because a Parliamentary committee managed to mistakenly cut the Prognosis Lab, Gandul reads. The National Meteorology Administration closed its Prognosis Lab where three people were working. The reason is stupid, the paper reads: dissatisfied that the winter was colder than estimated, in January, Deputies called the Meteorology chief to hearings.

However, the lab is very important for the agriculture sector in Romania, which depends on weather forecasts. With only three people, the lab was closed in January. From now on, for supplementary information, we can consult the prognosis of the European Prognosis Center in Great Britain.