Romania does not have so many rich people to take their fortune and share it to the poor, Finance minister Sebastian Vladescu said at the opening of the Central South East European Financial Forum. He underlined the effort of the banking system and that of the National Central Bank to maintain credit lines. According to Vladescu, it is hard to image a state aid for the private system.

The project for Romania is very ambitious and does not attempt to find functional solutions just for a party or an interest group, but it attempts to find a project that works for as many Romanians as possible.

Sebastian Vladescu, Finance minister:

  • there is not one direct financing source that is not at the disposal of the business environment
  • the resources we have are extremely limited
  • the global economy reveals that it is a worrying time we live in
  • we need to invent a new system. A new economy that would start from the capacity of the human being to create
  • the rich are those people who are willing to learn all their lives, to risk - those who finally deliver revenues for redistribution
  • the crisis is beyond our imagination
  •  I think we are doing the right thing for Romania even though it seems an error
  • I hope we will be able to overcome the crisis
  • an increase of some taxes is not enough

Milena Messori, European Investment Bank Director for Romania

  • This crisis ended in 2009 but the growth rhythm estimated was not reached
  • In Romania, the economy growth stopped, while in France, it was constant

Florin Georgescu, Romanian National Bank deputy governor

  • the public debt increased by five times in April 2010 compared to the similar month in 2009
  • the public debt might reach 40% of GDP by the end of 2010
  • foreign banks will not withdraw their capital because the market is interesting
  • our department intervenes when it is needed