The minimum salary, of 600 lei, the minimum guaranteed pension of 350 lei and the minimum guaranteed revenue will not be affected by the government's austerity measures assumed with the IMF. The announcement was made on Wednesday by PM Emil Boc at the end of the governing coalition meeting, whose members met to settle the last details of the intent letter to the IMF. The letter will be adopted on Wednesday and the government will take responsibility in the Parliament for the austerity measures.

According to the PM, the austerity measures will be applied only until the end of 2010 as there are premises for an economic growth in 2011. The executive will also take responsibility for a draft law that compels citizens to contribute to the pensions system, PM Boc said.

Here are the most important declarations:

  • we will propose the government to adopt the intent letter to the IMF and the agreement with the EU
  • the coalition maintains its position that a tax increase is not a solution for the targeted budgetary deficit
  • we decided that the minimum revenues, minimum pensions and minimum salary are not affected by the measures
  • we will propose that special pensions to be recalculated. Military pensions will not decrease below 3000 lei
  • we will reevaluate pensions given on invalidity grounds, to eliminate abuses
  • Romania will have a deficit of 6.8% in 2010.
  • If we do not decrease spending, we will live out of loans