Romanian female alpinists Claudia Damoc and Ioana Molnar started off to The United states on Thursday, May 27, destination Alaska, to escalade the highest North American mountain top, namely Denali (6,194 m). Even if they have climbed mountains before both in Europe and North America, this new challenge gives out as intense. Temperatures will vary between -40 and -60 degrees Celsius and the route will be pretty abrupt.

The Denali top is part of the seven highest mountain tops in the world (Seven Summits) and is also being considered one of the most difficult climb. This top from Alaska subjects the alpinists to a remarkable mental and physical effort, with extreme temperatures and storms, the expedition's official communiqué indicates. Certain aspects make some consider Denali even tougher than the Everest.

  • Because it's close to the North Pole, the temperatures can get lower than in the highest mountain in the world;
  • Alpinists must carry their equipment alone, in special sleighs, pulled from both sides;
  • Alpinists need to build camps alone (tent installation and rising snow walls to protect against storms - often after a 8-10 hours worth of climb, carrying equipment weighing 40-50 kg, in temperatures varying between -40 and -60 degree Celsius).

Claudia Damoc is 33 year old, from Brasov (Central). Her hobbies are photography, escalade, snowboarding and mountain-biking. He has climbed Romania's mountains both in winter and in summer. She climbed the highest mountain in Mexico in 2008, namely Pico de Orizaba (5,636m) and she escaladed Europe's highest top in 2009, namely Elbrus (5,642m).

Ioana Molnar is a 26 year-old from Oradea (West). She likes to escalate, scuba-dive and travel. He's been to several summer and winter climbs in Romania. In 2008, he conquered the highest African top - Kilimanjaro (5,895m) and reached 6,000 meters on the highest South American top - Aconcagua (6,962m). In 2009, she escaladed Europe's highest, Elbrus (5,642m).

The two alpinists are backed by the Shareyes Association, an NGO created to attracted people towards sports, nature and culture.

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