Romania's ex-PM Adrian Nastase sends his son for an internship at "Elie Wiesel" as a form of punishment for his son appearance, swastika on his arm, at a party. The Social Democratic politician brings the news on his own blog in a post which starts with: "I learned these days that my son, Mihnea, made a blunder while abroad".

The information that Mihnea Nastase appeared with a 3rd Reich swastika on his arm in public was first published by Romanian magazine Kamikaze.

In his post, Adrian Nastase explains that abroad with a grant, his son showed up at a party where several kinds were painting various signs on the arms, at the entrance, so that those who went out be recognized when coming back - and his son found himself with a swastika.

Nastase says he was revolted to hear about this.

Kamikaze magazine reports that the event took place at a Halloween party in Switzerland, organized by the high school attended by Adrian Nastase's youngest son.