Opposition Social-Democratic Party (PSD) has submitted on Monday the censorship motion, after the Romanian Government took responsibility for the austerity measures. On Wednesday, the opposition's motion will be read in the plenum and early next week votes will go in favour or against it, PSD President Victor Ponta announced.

The social-democrats decided, in the National permanent Office, to submit, for now, only one censorship motion, addressing the first law draft that the government is being responsible for.

Ponta also said that should the censorship motion fail to be adopted, PAS will submit another motion, also in June, in regards to the pension law and addressing the second law draft for which the Government has taken responsibility.

"But I don't want to talk about the second censorship motion, because I am absolutely convinced that the first one is going to be adopted", the PSD leader said quoted by Romanian news agency Agerpres.