A decisive day for the Romanian Boc Cabinet. Senators and deputies in Bucharest vote the censorship measure "Stop the social genocide", initiated by the PSD+PC (Social-Democratic Party and Conservative Party) MPs, following the Government's taking responsibility for the austerity laws, which see a 15% cut in pensions and 25% cut in salaries from the public sector.

Should the censorship measure be adopted, the Government is to be dismissed and the austerity measures will not be enforced. If the censorship motion is rejected, the decision of cutting pensions and salaries will become reality and will be enforced after the law is published in the Official Gazette.

In order for the motion to be adopted by the Parliament, the opposition needs 236 votes. The Debates will begin at 10 am (local time).

Unions have announced Protests at the Parliament Palace for the entire day. The rally is organised by the big union confederations and will conclude at 4 pm. Starting with 9:30, a human chain will surround the Parliament's building and the main six gates will see some groups of protesters criticising the Government. 20,000 people are expected to take part in the protests.