Protesters at the Romanian Parliament palace tried several times to force their entry in the building where the censorship motion is debated. They broke on the main road, blocking the traffic in the area. Protesters threw bottles of water in the gendarmes.

Proteste la ParlamentFoto: Agerpres

Under-officer Daniel Pistea from the Traffic Road Police Brigade in Bucharest told Romanian news agency Mediafax that the policemen have closed the Izvor Boulevard for the safety of the citizens. Later, around 500-800 people have broken the human chain surrounding the Parliament's building and went out on the street to protest. The drivers wanting to pass through had to find another route.

Bucharest gendarmerie spokesman Marius Militaru said the gendarmes have formed barriers around the protesters to secure public order, noting that the order forces were not going to interfere to remove them from the street.

Several protesters have thrown water bottles in the gendarmes, trying to force their entry in the Parliament. Protesters screamed "We're going over them" and "Revolution".

At a certain point, several protesters with covered faces and wearing red capes showed up, wearing black spears run through mannequins bearing the names of the ministers. They set the mannequins on fire.

Mediafax informs that nine people needed medical care and one of them was sent to hospital due to high blood pressure.