Several Romanian MPs, led by social-democratic senator Dan Sova, grabbed the video camera of a person who was filming the union members that came to see the censorship motion debate in the Parliamentary plenum.

"A person was filming the union members shouting against PM Boc at the motion [debate, NB]. We've got a police state", senator Dan Sova stated in the Parliament's Plenum, quoted by Romanian news agency Agerpres. He claimed that the person filming was wearing a police suit but he doubted it was a policeman.

"The video camera was given to the secretary Gheorghe Barbu. We say the person is not policeman. We want the security forces to identify the person, because filming in the Parliament is only allowed by authorisation", the PSD politician said. He added that the person did not voice opposition when the camera was taken from him.

According to the social-democratic senator, the man filmed the unionists only to put together a file for each later. "it also happened at a student rally. They filmed the students and then posted fines on their addresses", Sova added.

The policeman was using a camera similar to the ones used by the order forces on the streets, filming the protesters. The social-democrats confiscated the camera, motivating that the police had no authorisation to film.

PROLEX union vice-president Marius Nita declared that cops were allowed to go through with the camera. "We came here to film us, police. We made a request here. I don't know where we went wrong. We went through the check point with the camera. We did not smuggle it in. If they had not allowed us, we would not have brought it. We filmed everything that was going on there. If we had been forbidden to film, we would have respected the regulation. It should not have been any trouble", Marius Nita said.

He said he did not represent any party. "I did nit come on behalf of any party. I came on the BNS list, the organiser, where the Meridian confederation listed us. We are not part of any party", the Prolex president said.

Deputies Chamber general secretary called upon the police filming the unionists that booed PM Emil Boc to make a statement regarding the incident, claming that, "in principle", he was not allowed to film.