The 10 employees from the Roads and Bridges Regional Authority Timisoara, who were doing their shift at Nadlac customs on the day of the "incident" with the AC/DC technical staff, were sacked Transports minister Radu Berceanu announced on Thursday in a press conference in Timisoara (West), Romanian news agency Mediafax informs. AC/DC team that transported the band's equipment submitted a complaint, according to which the Nadlac Customs staff asked 50 euros for each of the 28-29 cars making up the convoy. AC/DC performed in Bucharest on May 16.

"We have received a legal report connected with the AC/DC incident. All from that shift have been sacked and the consequences will also reach others working there", Radu Berceanu said. "If things will quickly set to right by Mr. Malita, it will also affect mr. Malita [head of the Roads and Bridges Regional Authority Timisoara, NB], the minister added.

National Company for Highways and National Roads manager Dorina Tiron announced in the beginning of June that AC/DC equipment transport team had complained about being asked for 50 euros per each of the convoy car by the staff from Nadlac customs. She then said that should accuses be proven true, the guilty employees were going to be released from their duties.

"This is a complaint made by the band’s team transporting the equipment, a complaint that I received today [Tuesday, June 1, NB]. AC/DC representatives say they have been stopped at the border and asked for valid road fund licence (road tax). They showed them the documents and road tax papers, which were valid at that point. The Romanian officials have allegedly asked for road tax papers valid for their stay in Romania, which is illegal. There were three or four people which stepped aside and started to negotiate. The cars counted 28-29 in total. Eventually, as written in the complaint, it was decided for 50 euros per car. The AC/DC officials were not given any document in return, nothing", Dorina Tiron declared for the Gandul daily in the beginning of the month.