Romanian Prime-Minister Emil Boc is to announce on Thursday how staff cuts in ministries and salary cuts in state companies are going to be enforced. These decisions have been taken in the Government meeting on Wednesday, which concluded shortly before midnight.

The Executive's chief will make the announcement during a press briefing.

Meanwhile, the Social-Democratic Party has submitted to the Romanian Constitutional Court (CCR) a contestation of the law package for which the Executive has taken responsibility in the Parliament. At the same time, CCR received two notices from the High Justice Court regarding the breach in Constitution that the laws for cutting pensions and salaries achieve. Plus CCR was notified yesterday by the National liberal Party (PNL), which contests the law addressing the set-up of measures required to re-establish a budget balance.

On the other hand, Dumitru Costin has announced also on Wednesday, that he quit his position as head of the National union Block, considering that the protest actions organised by the union federations have failed.

"It is an ordinary gesture; someone must take responsibility for this failure. It is a failure that the entire protests agenda did not lead to a halt in the enforcement of these measures", Costin declared yesterday, referring to the austerity measures adopted by the government.