Romania's National Anti-corruption Department (DNA) has set eye on a case recently reported by, in which a company which was established after the start of a public tender won a 3 million euro contract. has consulted the tender documents and on the occasion learned of a preliminary DNA inquiry into the case. published earlier this month an investigative report revealing that the country's highway company CNADNR has given a 3 million euro contract to a company which was only established legally after the tender for the contract had started. The report showed that in february 2007 CNADR signed a consultancy contract with Ascot Engineering Services SRL, funded from a European Investment Bank loan. Ascot Engineering, with three British citizens as shareholders, was established in October 2006, four months after tender procedures for the contract had started and six days after the company submitted the offer with which it won the tender. Two of the Ascot associates were working for CNADNR when the tender took place.

Tender documents consulted by show that the head of the tender commission, Florin Goroneanu, who chose Ascot Engineering Services SRL as winner of the contract, had been employed of one of the Ascot shareholders. Minister Radu Berceanu signed the order by which Florin Goroneanu was named head of the tender commission.