Each minister and governmental agency has to come with a plan to restructure their share of public sector, with 25% cuts in staff being the major measure. "There have already been discussions at governmental level and each ministry needs to introduce its ideas for the restructure. Ministers come with proposals and decisions follow", sources from the government told HotNews.ro. According to them, most ministers have already submitted plans to the Executive.

Government sitsFoto: Hotnews

The Intention Letter sent to the IMF sees that the public sector will lose 70,000 employees. But the number of the people made redundant could be even bigger. Governmental sources said they needed to come up with plans for more people to be sacked, beside those included already in the letter. Should the 25% cut be applied uniformly, 100,000 people would leave the central administration.

According to a document from the Public Finance Ministry, there were 1,360,376 active roles in the public sector, out of which 410,926 in the central administration and 364,654 in the local administration, 389,910 in Education and 194,886 in the Health department.

According to governmental sources, the criteria according to which the employees are going to be sacked have not yet been defined. They are going to be drafted any time soon.

Some ministers started to announce their intention to start staff cuts. Communication minister Gabriel Sandu recently announced that 25% of the 149 ministerial employees are going to be made redundant by the end of this year. Plus, Economy minister Adriean Videanu said he had "no reserve" in what concerns cutting staff by 25%. In his turn, Finance minister Sebastian Vladescu declared that at least 100,000 people in the state department should be sacked in order to increase the salaries of those remaining to work in the public sector.

Prime Minister Emil Boc said last week that in what concerns staff cuts, "the final number will be the result of all the analysis we are presently running".