The Romanian Liberal Party (PNL, in opposition) submitted on June 23 a simple motion, asking for Transport minister Radu Berceanu's resignation. The document bears the name "The anti-transports and pro-theft minister". The text reads that "due to the erroneous transport system and infrastructure management in Romania", minister Radu Berceanu forces the undersigned to take action against "the lack of performance and constant mistakes", according to Romanian news agency Mediafax.

The motion initiators call Radu Berceanu "the anti-highways minister" and inform him hat he can compare himself with other colleagues of his, ex-Transports ministers - Traian Basescu (currently Romania's President), Anca Boagiu and Gheorghe Dobre - all of them characterised by an aversion to building motorways.

The letter mentioned the 42 kilometres, the first part of the Transilvania motorway finished around the electoral campaign. The letter blames Berceanu for not paying the building company Bechtel for the 209 works, which led to 700 redundancies. The letter also notes that Berceanu tries to misappropriate funds for the political clientele. The letter also accuses governing party PDL (Lib Dems) for putting a halt to governing programmes that other parties initiated.

The signers recall the "shameful" loss of finance from the World Bank for building rings around Bacau, Brasov, Reghin, Targul Mures and Medias, adding that Radu Berceanu succeeded to miss the construction project for the Comarnic - Brasov motorway, while constantly blaming others.

The signers accuse "the disasters at the railway" and point towards "Berceanu's ignorance and stubbornness regarding the airport infrastructure". Berceanu opposes the construction of an international airport in Brasov (Central Romania).

In the letter, Berceanu is also blamed for "the lack of any transport strategy" and the lack of commitment and vision, which results in a total lack of trust coming from the private system actors involved in building an infrastructure in Romania.

The lack of use for the allocated non-reimbursable EU funds is also mentioned in the letter, namely for the construction of motorways between Nadlac and Arad, Timisoara and Lugoj, Lugoj and Deva, Orastie and Sibiu and for repairs to hundred of road kilometres on the trans-European transport network. The signers ask the minister to explain the reasons to cancel the works for a network of around 1,000 kilometres express road with motorway attributes.