The Constitutional Court posponed for Friday a decision on the complaints related to the government's measures to cut budgetary salaries and pensions, after a six hour meeting. Debates will be started on Friday, at 9AM. If judges will declare the laws unconstitutional, the cuts will most probably not be implemented and the IMF installment will be postponed as well.

The Social Democrats submitted, on June 16, at the Constitutional Court, a complaint against the pack of law the government put forward to counter the crisis. Moreover, the Court received two complains from the Higher Court of Justice on the same laws.

The Liberals, at their turn contested the law. Last week, the government took responsibility for the two pack of laws - one that sees a budgetary spending cut and the one that sees the cut of special pensions and priviledges in the public pension scheme.

Shortly after the government took responsibility for the pack of laws in the Parliament, the opposition submitted a motion of censure against the Boc Cabinet. The motion was rejected after eight hours of debates.