UPDATE Judges from the Romanian Constitutional Court ruled out that several articles from the two austerity laws for which the Government took responsibility in the Parliament are unconstitutional. In what concerns the law addressing certain measures necessary to restore the budget balance, CCR declared the article cutting 15% off pensions to be unconstitutional. Plus, articled featured by the law addressing certain measures in the pensions' system, namely the magistrates' pensions, have been declared unconstitutional. The two are to be resent to the Parliament, in order to be but in line according to the CCR's decisions.

CCR judges decided that the details regarding the pensions of the magistrates are unconstitutional, while in the case of other categories, the legal articles were open to interpretation but decided that their regulation by the Parliament was not necessary.

According to the Constitution, the articles declared unconstitutional need to be changed according to the Court's ruling within 45 days.

Opposition party PSD (social-democrats) contested the austerity laws at the Constitutional Court on June 16, immediately after the Executive took responsibility for the laws. CCR also received two notifications from the High Court of Justice addressing the laws breaching the Constitution.

CCR was also notified by opposition party PNL (liberals), which contested the laws, pointing out to the creation of necessary measures to restore a budget balance. Liberals claim that the articles 44, 47 and 53 from the Constitution were breached.

Today is the day when CCR is expected to rule the final verdict. Members of two unions are protesting in front of the Presidential Palace, asking the president to not enforce the cut in salaries and pensions if CCR declares the austerity measures to be unconstitutional. ​