Romanian PM announced on Friday that the Government has prepared the alternative package to cut budget deficit. The measures this package includes are going to be made public after the negotiations with the International Monetary Fund, the European Commission and the World Bank. Emil Boc has also announced that the 25% cut is not affected by the Romanian Constitutional Court's decision and can be enforced.

Emil Boc statements

  • I have learnt the Romanian Cultural Court's decision, which I will not comment in any way.
  • The temporary solution proposed by the Government in regards to pensions, but not accepted by CCR, Was the best solution for Romania.
  • The Government ha s got the alternative package to reduce the budget deficit, which is negotiated with the IMF, WB and the EC. The package of measures will be presented after the negotiations with the IMF, EC and WB. Immediately after we complete he package, following negotiations, we will present it to the public opinion.
  • Cutting salaries by 25% is not going to be affected and can be enforced. CCR validated this measure.
  • Cutting pensions by 15% would have meant cutting budget spending by 1.3% of the GDP.
  • As for special pensions, except with the magistrates' pensions, the other measures can be applied.

Jurists consulted by have said that not even the measured declared constitutional can be enforced as long as the two laws have been sent back to the Parliament. The Parliament needs to modify the austerity laws quickly in the way suggested by the CCR or the Executive needs to issue an emergency ordinance for the cut in salaries to be enforceable.