Romanian authorities were on alert on Wednesday as floods caused havoc in several parts of the country. Danube was reaching historical levels in East Romania, but the situation was under control in that part of the country. Meanwhile, in SW Romania, a woman died on Tuesday night, upping the floods death toll to 21. According to meteorologists, rain there poured 150 liters/sqm in less than half an hour.

On Wednesday morning, the level of Siret river in East Romania was going down and people in two isolated villages in Iasi could return home.

Interior minister Vasile Blaga presented the situation in the Senate today and said that there were special cases caused by the floods but that the situation was generally under control.

He said that in the counties of Galati and Braila the Danube river exceeded historical levels reported in 2006 and "Siret river is no longer flowing into Danube, but Danube is flowing into Siret". He said humanitarian help reached the most affected areas.

Unstoppable rain prompted authorities in Neamt county to evacuate some 7,600 people in seven villages close to Siret, where a red code for floods had been applied.

Meanwhile, in the South, ten trains were annulled on the Bucharest-Timisoara route on Wednesday as railway traffic was halted in between two stations in flood-affected county of Caras Severin.