France, Belgium, Estonia and Austria offered Romania equipment and assistance to face the floods, after the Romanian authorities requested the activation of the Civil Protection Mechanism, the European Commission informs in a communiqué.

"On the evening 2nd July, Romanian authorities activated the EU Civil Protection Mechanism requesting support in addressing the severe floods currently affecting the north-eastern part of the country. The request for assistance in form of inflatable dams, pumps, power generators, water purification systems, lighting kits and other material was immediately communicated to all Participating States through the Commission's Monitoring and Information Centre (MIC). Within hours after the activation of the system, France, Estonia, Belgium and Austria made their first offers for assistance, some of which have been accepted by Romania and are on their way to the flooded area", the EC informs.

Belgium's team headed to Romania on Sunday morning, with 11 pumps, 5 electricity generators and 1 purifying unit, in a team of six. On its way, it joined the Austrian team, which is planned to arrive on Monday evening.

France contributed with five pumps, 8 electricity generators and a water purifying unit, which will be activated by 30 people.

Estonia indicates that the EC granted funds for a great capacity pumping module, made up by Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The module will be ready in case Romania needs it.

Austria offered 10 pumps and 3 electricity generators.