Two men and a woman threw several eggs and one tomato towards the Romanian Prime Minister, when the Executive's chief was coming out of the County Committee meeting for Emergency Situations in Galati (East), Agerpres informs.

The tree yelled "we don't want lei, we don't want foreign currency, we want Boc to answer our questions".

"After a moment of surprise, the order forces seized the two man and the woman and took them to a van belonging to the gendarmerie.

Although they threw eggs at the Prime-Minister, Boc wasn't touched. One egg was caught by a Protection and Security Service guard.

The three are local leaders of the National Peasant Christian Democratic Party (PNTCD): Marian Popa (branch head), Nelu Furtuna - vice-president, and Geanina Caracas - spokesperson and youth leader.

After the incident, Emil Boc climbed into the car and was taken to Sendreni, a town seriously affected by floods.

The three people were taken to the police section and fined: 1,000 for each man - for throwing objects at someone, and 700 lei for the woman, for disturbing the public order.

The PM commented later on the incident: "I didn't see anything. But the people's right to protest cannot be stopped. That’s life!".

Emil Boc arrived in Galati on Saturday and took part in the county's Emergency Situations Committee meeting. There will be an assessment of the risk regions, namely the areas around the meeting point of three rivers: Siret with the Danube, Prut with the Danube and the course of the Danube from Braila to where it joins the sea.

The PM said the Government's main focus was to save people's lives and to secure basic survival needs, like food and shelter. He asked the prefects from flooded areas where households were destroyed to put together a list in order to request modular houses. 700 modular houses are available at the moment.

Boc announced there will be a budget adjustment this month. More money for constructions or any other form of help will be considered, so that no one will be left without a roof above their heads until winter. Romania has got 10 weeks, starting with June 23 when the floods began, to come up with the financial aid request for the European Union's Solidarity Fund. The money would be used to build infrastructure.

Local authorities representatives from Braila and Tulcea were also present at the meeting.