Investigators continued the searches on the ground on Tuesday, in order to determine the circumstances of the tragic air crash on Tuzla Airport (South-East Romania). According to them, the three survivors, with serious injuries [who were taken to the hospital, one of which died], have been served by "a hero, a marine colleague". "No one jumped from the plane, the altitude did not allow it, the air flotilla general Victor Strambeanu. He also mentioned that the air crash took placed several seconds after take off and there are no clues leading to an explosion during flight.

Air Flotilla general Victor Strambeanu statements:

  • The team I'm leading currently gathers proof, which will be then analysed in detail to discover the accident's real causes and the measures to avoid this type of accident in the future.
  • We've collected statements from witnesses on the ground, who offered precious information.
  • The militaries' mission was an instructive one, carried out jointly by the air and marine forces.
  • The accident took place several seconds after take off. The take off was ordinary. There were no relevant discussions with the pilot.
  • We have got no clues leading to explosions during flight. Most probably, the fire occurred at the ground impact.
  • The plane got down into an almost horizontal position, but we haven't got more data.
  • For the moment, any flight with this type of aircraft was stopped, until the fault is clarified.
  • I can't tell who was at the control column.
  • Nobody jumped from the plane. the altitude did not allow it. It was a hero the man who saved the three [injured who were taken to hospital; one of them died in the meantime, NB]. He entered the burning cabin and he did what he could. He got out as many as he could. More was not possible. It is a marine colleague, Marian Marin, who was not in the plane [at the moment of crash, NB].

Prosecutor Marius Iacob:

  • So far, seven of the 11 victims have been identified. Necropsies are currently carried out. By tonight, all victims will be identified.
  • The cause of the accident was not decided yet. We don't exclude the human factor, the environment factor or the technical factor.