Romania's Economy minister Adrian Videanu said on Thursday he did "never officially" say that a reduction of the flat tax from 16% to 10%, after Gandul newspaper reported on Wednesday that Videanu had confirmed his Democratic Liberal (PDL) party was considering such a move. Top PDL sources told that at the level of specialised commissions within the party talks were taking place on new austerity measures for 2011, which would involve a rethinking of the whole budget system by taxing pensions and salaries but also a reduction of the flat tax in order to boost the private environment.

"I have never made an official statement that the flat tax would be reduced. The Economy Ministry does not have any responsibility related to fiscal policies", Videanu said as quoted by Realitatea TV news channel.

PDL leaders also said that the party leadership board did not discuss a reduction of the flat tax to 10%. PDL deputy president Ioan Oltean told that talks have taken place on the establishment of a working group to discuss and find solutions for the economic crisis. According to Oltean, Adriean Videanu is one of the members of the group.

Gandul newspaper on Wednesday read that when asked whether PDL was considering a reduction of the flat tax, Videanu responded that "yes, it's being analysed". However, PM Emil Boc later dismissed that "all there is is what's being applied now".