I am waiting to see what prosecutors have for me, controversial TV star and OTV channel owner Dan Diaconescu declared on Monday as he showed up for renewed hearings by anti-graft prosecutors in a blackmail case. Almost all anti-graft prosecutors are working on my file, Diaconescu claimed, saying that the budget for the investigation would amount to way over 6 million euro - "a record for Romania". He also claimed that he was seen as the biggest threat for the Romanian state.

At 10AM Diaconescu left the headquarters of anti-graft prosecutors after less than half an hour. Diaconescu said that he is not afraid of prosecutors. He also said that behind his investigations are politicians such as ministers Blaga, Berceanu and Videanu but he did not overrule the possibility that PM Boc would also be behind it.

Diaconescu faces a series of investigations under charges related to blackmail cases in which he allegedly used his TV station OTV. Following the start of the inquiries he launched what he called a campaign to become the president of Romania.