The report of the Commission concludes that the law on ANI undermines the prevention and sanction role of the institution and the conclusion seems to me tough but real, President Basescu declared in a press conference dedidated to the EC report published this morning.

Here are Basescu's main declarations:

  • I think that the report correctly appreciates technical realities in comparison with the four benchmarks Romania assumed 
  • I think it is unbalanced because of the political appreciations it makes 
  • It would be excellent if thouse who debate the report actually read it 
  • I think that ANI criticism was the main focus of this report which affected the balance and the justice of the evaluation 
  • I understand the dissatisfaction of the EC for what happened in the Senate and the Constitutional Court on the ANI law and I can ensure you that I feel the same because my aim is to see Romania develop positively 
  • However, because of an incident regarding the ANI law I feel it is not fair to throw a negative image overall when there have been enough positive evolutions 
  • I saw that there are some sectors that are not part of the cooperation and monitoring mechanism and which are included 
  • I do not understand why public procurement is uncluded 
  • We will set up a report in which we will explain the progress and all failures which cover the activity of all Romanian institutions 
  • We do not accept to see the report go beyond its indicators which we fixed when we entered the EU 
  • I will call the Parliament in an emergency session in an attempt to resolve the law on ANI