Elena and Nicolae Ceausescu are exhumed on Wedneday, 21 years from their death at the request of their son Valentin Ceausescu and Mircea Opran, the husban of Zoe Ceausescu. Doctors relevated evidence from Nicolae Ceausescu and his remainings will be re-buried. Doctors will also take up evidence from Elena Ceausescu for the DNA tests. The aim of this process is to establish, once and for all if the couple is actually buried there or not.

The two declared that if the remainings do not belong to Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu they wil sue the state. The operation started at 7:30AM and will take several hours. The family of the dictators recently inherited the two graves after four years of trials.

DNA tests might take up to six months, experts declared for the Romanian news agency Mediafax,