There was, at a point the idea that, if the EC report is negative, Romania should not receive instalments from the IMF, EC and World Bank loan, Presidential counsellor Leonard Orban declared in an interview for He added that if the idea would have stood, the instalments would be ceased even though economic conditions would have been met.

The former EC Commissioner said that he tried, during his mandate at the Commission to avoid any connection between the cooperation mechanism and other issues like EU funds, Schengen accession, euro zone or even the 2009 IMF, EC and World Bank loan offered to Romania.

About EU funds, Leonard Orban said that there are sufficient mechanism at the EU level to suspend, block or even cut funds offered to a member state. He said that he considers impossible any decision related to a general cease of funds but it can be possible for some funds to be blocked or stopped.

Regarding the public procurement point introduced in the report issued by the EC, Orban said that they should not have been included in the report. He commented that he cannot say why such recommendations were included now and not in previous reports, since the problems are the same for years now.

Leonard Orban said that now, it is more and more difficult for Romania to end the mechanism of cooperation if the EC adds supplementary issues. It is clear, Orban says that, once the recommendations were made, they will have to be monitored and supervised and fulfilled by Romania.