We worry about the weak absorption of EU funds to Romania, IMF chief of mission Jeffrey Franks declared. The IMF official said that EU fund absorption needs to be improved and added that there is a large amount of money Romania can access free and which the country might lose. Franks said that he did not tackle the issue of a new agreement with Romanian officials.

Here are the most important declarations

  • we want to see an improvement in EU funds absorption 
  • we work with EU specialists to resolve the issue
  • there is a huge amount of money Romania can access free 
  • people need to know how to make a project 
  • if funds are not accessed by the deadline, the money dissappear
  • we need to do whatever we can to support Romania to get the money 
  • we did not discuss the possibility of a new agreement 
  • we are at the disposal of the country 
  • we will continue talks with the Finance minister 

An IMF mission, lead by Jeffrey Franks is in Bucharest until August 4 to evaluate the way Romania fulfilled its conditionalities of the stand by agreement signed in May 2009.