The ordinance rulling the budgetary modification will be adopted by August 20 and it also includes the state's payment of debts to economic agents and to those in the health sector, PM Emil Boc declared on Wednesday quoted by the Romanian news agency Agerpres. The Prime Minister said that, in 2011, the salaries of budgetary personnel will increase, on average, by 10% in report to the diminished ones.

The revenue increase percentage can be even higher if the restructuring process will be successful, Boc explained. PM Boc's declarations follow the IMF's conclusions that the government did not take enough measures to pay its debts to private economic agents or those in the health system.

PM Boc announced, according to the Romanian news agency Mediafax that another condition for salaries to increase in 2011 is the elimination of the 13th salary. Boc said that the government did not discuss with the IMF delegation about the possibility to tax all pensions.