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 Romania's commercial deficit increased in June to 4.7 billion euro 

de A.C.
Luni, 9 august 2010, 19:11 English | Top News

Goods exports increased in June 2010 by 30% at values expressed in lei, compared to June 2009, the preliminary estimates of the National Statistics Institute conclude. Moreover, in June 2010, imports increased compared to the same month last year by 27.3% at values expressed in lei. 

Compared to Mai 2010, exports in June 2010 increased by 12% at values expressed in lei and imports increased by 7.3% at values expressed in lei. The commercial deficit in June 2010 was 3.75 billion lei, a 579.1 million lei increase than June 2009. 

According to official data, in quarter 1 in 2010, the commercial deficit was 19.52 billion lei, a 271.5 million lei decrease than quarter 1 in 2009. In euro, the commercial deficit in quarter 1 2010 was 4.70 billion euro, a 25.4 million euro, an increase of 25.4 million euro compared to quarter 1 in 2009. 



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