The main objectives of the budgetary modifications are as follows: supplementary funds to co-finance European projects from Agriculture and Environment ministries, the capitalization of 46 million euro and the payment of some debts. In the same time, capital spending will be decreased by 0.2% of GDP.

PM Emil Boc declared that the budgetary modification will be approved on August 18 at the next governmental meeting. According to him, the government will supplement funds for EU financed projects within the Agriculture and Environment ministries. Moreover, the Guarantee Fund for medium and small sized enterprises will be supplemented by 46 million euro.

The other objectives:

the government will allocate 1.9 billion lei to pay the debts the state has accumulated to companies in the health system

0.9 billion lei will be allocated to the health insurance national house to pay its payments to suppliers

the government will offer another 500 million lei to remove other state debts to private economic agents

the government will allocate 3.8 billion lei to pay pensions until the end of the year