The Senate will meet on Monday in an extraordinary session to discuss the new legislative projects, including the law on the National Integrity Agency, ANI, the agency in charge with checking the wealth of politicians, Romanian news agency Agerpres informs. According to the Senate's Speaker, Mircea Geoana, senators will work in committees starting August 16 and on August 24 the vote in the Parliament will be cast.

UPDATE (17:00)The law on ANI passed in the Chamber of Deputies with 204 votes for and will move on to the Senate.

UPDATE Chamber of Deputies meeting discussing the law on ANI, the agency checking the wealth of politicians, was suspended for 30 minutes at the request of the Social Democratic Party. PSD leader Victor Ponta declared that his party wil not attend the meeting.

Ponta announced that his party wil not attend the debate because the government did not come up with a new text on the law.

Senators will orient their attention over the law on ANI, the law on judicial reform that sees the modification of the law ruling on the organization and functioning of the Constitutional Court and the civil and penal codes.

According to Geoana, the Senate decided to debate another three legislative projects, namely the government's emergency ordinance to increase the VAT, the ordinance ruling decentralization in the Health sector and the ordinance regarding local public finances.