Romania's public sector is just too costly compared to the government's capacity to collect renues, which triggers the need for some austerity measures in the public administration, to reach accessible levels, World Bank informs on Monday. Representatives of the institution declared that Romania is behind other European countries when it comes to the financial quality and efficiency of public services.

The World Bank supports the reform of the public adinistration because it is urgent and very important, World Bank director for Romania Francois Rantrua declared in a press release of the institution. He said that the reform is important not just to make economies but to stimulate economic growth on the long term.

He added that the World Bank and the government will find ways to explain key reforms because sometimes people just do not realize how hard is to adopt some decisions. During March 2010 to March 2011, the government and the World Bank are setting up a functional analysis of the public sector activity to identify the actions to improve the quality of the public services.