Romania's Foreign Affairs Ministry condemns Russia for breaching the Vienna Convention regarding diplomatic relations by retaining Romanian diplomat Gabriel Grecu, accused of espionage on Monday. Romania's Foreign Affairs ministry denounces Russia's inadequate treatment against diplomat Gabriel Grecu, the press release reads.

The press release reads that according to article 29 of the Vienna Convention, the person of the diplomatic agent is unviolable. The diplomat cannot be detained or arrested. Moreover, the diplomatic agent has to be treated with the respect it suits him/her and the host state should take all measures to deter any actions against his person, liberty and dignity.

The position of the Romanian Foreign Affairs ministry was transmitted on August 16 to the first collaborator of the Russian Embassy to Bucharest, convoked at the ministry on Monday evening. Moreover, Romania's Embassy to Moscow communicated the same position on Tuesday, to the Russian Foreign Affairs ministry.

Romania's Foreign Affairs ministry will take all measures imposed by circumstances and will announce them in due time.

Romanian Diplomat Gabriel Grecu was detained on Monday, in Moscow, after a set up in a shop in the Russian capital. Russia's secret services, FSP declared that objects specific to espionage activities were found on Grecu. The Romanian diplomat was declared persona non grata and he is compelled to leave the country within 48 hours.

Grecu was temporarily arrested and release the same day. According to the Russian secret service information, Grecu was working undercover as a diplomat, as a first secretary of the political department of the Romanian Embassy to Moscow.