​​The cause of the explosion at the Giulesti maternity ward on Monday was, according to officials, the faulty AC installation and the problem was not clarified after 24 hours since the tragedy, in which 4 newly borns lost their lives and another seven are in severe condition, occurred. HotNews.ro investigated the case, in an attempt to answer some of the questions related to the technical faults. The financial director of the maternity, Ion Pecingina declared that he cannot name those who were in charge of the AC installation. On the other hand, sources declared for HotNews.ro that the maternity did not manage, so far, to explain to investigators who were those in charge with the AC functioning. There are several questions related to the capacity of the electrical system of the hospital to take a high energy consumption. The same sources declared that on Tuesday, that they questioned all eletrical engineers of the hospital who declared that they were in charge of making sure the ACs were plugged.

According to quoted sources, the main suspicion regarding the cause of the explosion, is an improvized installation of one of the ACs present in the maternity intensive care unit where the fire broke. HotNews.ro checked and officially, as of 2008, there is no certainty who is in charge of the AC installation.

In 2008, Giulesti Maternity contracted a company related to the AC installation, which included regular service checks. The contract was attributed to Expert Serv Company SRL, whose main share holder is Grigoroiu Madalina Lidiu, a doctor.

She could not be contated by HotNews.ro and the company representative declared that the company is not working as of yesterday and that Mrs. Grigoroiu is out of the country for three or four years.

However, the contract with Giulesti expired in December 2008 and it is not clear who was inc charge, since then, of the AC installation in the hospital.