According to Russian experts, Romanian secret services endorse the nationalist feelings of the politicians, Komsomolskaia pravda reads. It is no secret that Bucharest is interested in getting territories of other countries, which, sooner or later will have to align to Romania.

It regards Moldova, Transniester, and Odessa and Cernauti regions. It is about the claims over these regions talk a lot representatives of a Romanian party, Greater Romania Party, an extremist party. What stops Romania from getting them arethe Russian fleet in the Black Sea and the peace keeping troops in Transniester.

The Russian Secret Services reveal that starting 2008, Romanian secret services intensified their activity in Russia. Spies tried to get information they were interested in from Russian citizens and Moldovan citizens.

The interest in a certain Russian citizen who had access to secret data was known even before Grecu came to Moscow, undercover, sources declared for the publication.

Former first secretary of the Romanian Embassy to Moscow, Dinu Pistol, Grecu's predecessor, already tried to contact and convince a Russian citizen, who had access to the information Romania needed regarding the situation in Moldova and Transniester.

The source reads that the connection was made through e-mail, using different key words and the information was sent through packages left in supermarket boxes. All data sent by the Russian citizen were paid in foreign currency but the information was not secret at all, the newspaper reads.

When Grecu arrived, replacing Pistol, he asked the Russian citizen secret information, including military data. The Russian got scared and announced the Russian secret services, the newspaper reads.