Ukrainian political analyst Vitali Kulik declared for the Regnum agency that the attempt to draw Ukraine in the conflict between Russia and Romania is nothing new. He said that Russian forces already tried to start an anti-Romanian campaign in our country. His declaration comes as the Ukrainian Foreign Affairs minister warned Romania that Ukraine will no longer accept territorial concessions in the disputes.

Bilateral relations between Ukraine and Romania are pretty complicated and there are attempts to draw Ukraine in a foreign country, the Ukrainin political analyst declared.

However, in his opinion, Ukraine would have to seek common points especially that Romania is a EU member. He underlined that there are a series of Russian politicians who would like to see Ukraine in the conflict and a series of political forces in Romania who want to use the Ukrainian card against Russia.

Ukraine's position needs to be very simple and needs to stay out of the conflict between Moldova and Bucharest. The diplomatic conflict should not influence Russia's relations with the EU.