Three in four Romanians believe corruption has been on the rise in the country for the past five years, according to a poll by CSOP company, published on Thursday. It shows only 6% of the population believe the level of corruption decreased during the period, while 13% say they do not feel any change.

The poll was ordered by the Association for Implementation of Democracy (AID).

An AID press release says a lower percentage of youth (68% as compared to an average of 75% of all respondents) believe the level of corruption is up. The same tendency is reflected in the answers of Bucharest citizens (67%) and main ethnic minority groups (65% of Rroma respondents and 66% of Hungarian respondents).

11% of respondents with high-level studies and 15% of Bucharest citizens believe the level of corruption has been reduced.

The Army remains the most trusted institution (51% say they trust it), followed by education institutions (43%), city halls (39%), public health institutions (31%), county halls (26%) and prefectures (25%).