Romania's Foreign Affairs minister, Teodor Baconschi believes that there is a connection between the recent espionage scandal in Moscow involving a Romanian diplomat with Romania's support for the Republic of Moldova, Romanian news agency Agerpres informs.

In an interview for the public television, Baconschi declared that the two are most surely connected because Russia is preoccupied with the anti-missile shield, by the pro-European orientation of Moldova and its pro-Romanian attitude.

Considering that elections in Moldova are imminent, there might be an anxiety that Moldova might get too close to the EU, Baconschi declared. He added that he does not believe that Russia will increase gas prices for Romania following the espionage

scandal involving Romanian diplomat Gabriel Grecu.

About a possible meeting with his Russian counterpart, Baconschi declared that the Romanian party is open to dialogue. I will attend the Autumn meeting of the UN General Assembly at New York where we can meet the Russian party for talks.