Agriculture minister Mihail Dumitru told Romanian news agency Mediafax on Thursday that it was officially invited to the Prime Minister and was informed that he will be on the list of ministers to be dismissed. Dumitru declared that he thanked the Prime Minister for the collaboration.

PM Boc informed him that he was on the black list of the ministers due to be dismissed, Dumitru said. He said he did not resign. For the Agriculture portfolio, official sources said that Democrat Liberal Valeriu Tabara was put forward.

Adrian Radulescu, current state secretary in the Agriculture ministry told that he was considered for the highest position in the ministry. Depends who proves to be the most powerful, Radulescu said, referring to other possible candidates for the position.

He said that Valeriu Steriu, former state secretary in the same ministry was also proposed. Democrat Liberal Valeriu Tabara declared for TV news channels that he was informed that he was proposed to occupy the Agriculture portfolio.