Over 70 Volksbank clients submitted on Thursday an official address to the National Central Bank to request an official reaction regarding the three accusations the clients put forward against the bank. Banks risk collective process from dissatisfied clients who have contracted credits, mostly from BCR, Bancpost and Volksbank.

Representatives of Volksbank clients told HotNews.ro that they were continuing the judicial proceedings against the bank while waiting for an official response from it.

Some 1100 people have formed a collective entity to challenge decisions taken by the bank to change the calculus of interest rates following a series of regulations introduced in this regard recently. They set up a group on the internet to debate cases and build their strategy.

Not just Volksbank clients found themselves on the internet but clients from BCR, Raiffeisen, Bancpost and others plan to do the same. Representatives of BCR clients declared that they were preparing a collective trial against the bank and that they were seeking other clients with similar problems from all over the nation.

Central Bank officials declared that the situation was generated by ordinance 50/2010, the implementation of which did not take into account existent European directives. When a bank is sued by thousands of people, its reputation is damaged and generated losses can be fatal, central bank sources told HotNews.ro.