The list of ministers proposed by PM Emil Boc for the vacant ministry positions are: Gheorghe Ialomitianu for Finances, Valeriu Tabara for Agriculture, Ioan Botis for Labor, Anca Boagiu for Transports, Valerian Vreme for Communications and Ion Ariton for Economy. The proposals aim two objectives: to continue reforms and register economic increase in 2011, PM Boc declared.

The Prime Minister thanked all ministers dismissed for their activity.

Adriean Videanu

  • I gave up my mandate and starting tomorrow morning you will find me at the party's headquarters. It was a decision I took after an analysis of the situation 
  • Democrat Liberals won all local elections, despite surveys that reveal otherwise

Elena Udrea

  • the Boc executive is a good cabinet
  • Unfortunately, it had to take unpopular decision which lead to a decrease of the party's political capital. The important thing is that the government does what the country needs most 
  • I believed in the other option, to dismiss PM Boc 

Raluca Turcan

  • I hope that today's decision is a good one that would offer responses to several questions related to how we will continue Romania's modernization, what are the solutions and what is the image advantage the new ministers will bring about for the party 
  • My option was clear, I opted for a tough reshuffling