Gheorghe Ialomitianu, vice president of the Budget and Finance Committee of the Chamber of Deputies is a Democrat Liberal deputy of Brasov. This is his first Parliamentary mandate, he was Director of Finances in Brasov. He obtained 51.72% of the votes in his college. Ialomitianu is a supporter of taxes for unjustified income.

Gheorghe Ialomitianu preia stafeta de la Sebastian VladescuFoto: AGERPRES

UPDATE 21:25 PM Theodor Stolojan declared for that the new Finance minister is a man with experience and has a solid theoretical background. He said that he is capable to continue the reforms started by Vladescu and he will not sacrifice the public interest to group interests.

In January 2010 Ialomitianu declared in an interview for that he sustains the introduction of a tax on unjustified wealths.