Democrat Liberal Senator, Ion Ariton, the Prime Minister's proposal for the Economy ministry seems to be a controversial proposal. Ariton was involved in a financial scandal back in 1999 when a 10 billion lei gap was found missing at Petrom's branch in Sibiu when he was commercial director.

Ion AritonFoto: Senatul Romaniei

He was involved in a penal case file, but after two years, judges decided not to prosecute him, according to the local publication Sibiul. The website reads that Ariton was proposed for the Economy portfolio in 2008 but he refused the proposal in favour of Adriean Videanu.

UPDATE 20:50 PM Adriean Videanu declared that Ariton is well prepared to takeover the ministry.

However, daily newspaper Obiectiv reads that Ariton's political and economic activity is shadowed by a scandal in 1999 when Ariton was commercial director at Petrom in Sibiu, central Romania. There was a 10 billion lei gap in the budget. However, after two years of investigation, judges decided not to prosecute him.