I did not expect this job, I thought Sebastian Vladescu will not be changed but I consider myself ready, otherwise I would not have taken this job, the new Finance minister Gheorghe Ialomitianu declared shortly after he swore in.

The new Finance minister will organize a press conference shortly to present his priorities.

At his turn, the new Labor minister Ioan Botis declared that there are hard times for everybody but he expressed his hope that his experience can help him resolve all problems. He said that in one year, he hopes to pick up all the benefits from the austerity measures,

The new Labor minister declared that his priorities are the unique salary scheme law, the pensions law and the social assistance code and the labor code. The new Transports minister, Anca Boagiu declared that such a position is a major responsibility, not a major joy. There are has to be continuity, Anca Boagiu declared.