This is a tough week for representatives of some local banks like Volksbank, BCR, Bancpost, Raiffeisen Bank as they will face a new wave of dissatisfaction coming from clients that feel double crossed by credit institutions. The National Central Bank was summoned to arbiter the case, as it is its job to supervize the banking system. New rounds of meetings with lawyers and probably new meetings with client representatives from different banks will take place this week.

Volksbank - 5 days of negotiations

The lack of involvement of the Central Bank dissatisfies all members of the group, that fail to accept that the central bank cannot interfere where courts already accepted that banks abused its powers, client representatives declare. According to them, Volksbank attempted to switch contracts with a fixed interest rate to contracts with flexible interest rates.

The bank, according to those representing the clients modified contracts with ambigous rulings which were declared abusive by courts. Some of the rullings considered abusive by banks were: the mandatory minimum reserve commission, abusive increases of interest rates, the risk commission. The court ruled that clients are entitled to get the money paid for such services.

Both Bank representatives and client representatives agreed to work at a new version of the additional documents in the upcoming week.

BCR - a new manual of dissatisfied customer

Another institution involved in this scandal is BCR, the biggest local credit institution. Clients set up a similar strategy like Volksbank clients did, and will most probably harmonize their common interests and join forces with Volksbank clients.

The group asks new members a copy of the credit contract with BCR, so that only real clients join their internet group. The group set up an internal data base with various documents sent by the bank and other resources that might be used in the trial they plan against the bank.


Bancpost did not send the new additional acts to all its clients and clients do not have grounds to sue the bank. It it clear that the bank will not do its clients a favor and we need to organize before we get any surprise, a Bancpost clients writes on a forum.

Raiffeisen Bank

Raiffeisen Bank clients will not let things decided by officials of the credit institutions. Today, Raiffeisen Bank clients will meet with lawyers and will proceed with the first steps to sue the bank.

Even though they admit this is a new situation, bank officials do not wish to comment the situation. At their turn, bankers are accused that they want to bribe laywers, the press or leaders of the groups they organized online.

The National Central Bank does not have a clearer stand. Officials of the institutions refuse to coment on the situation and would prefer to defend the banks, fearing financial instability.