Independent Deputy Silviu Prigoana, a renowned rich businessman, submitted on Monday, to the Parliament a new legislative initiative regarding the regulation of prostitution, defined as an activity with an authorized sexual character which can be conducted independently or in an organized manner, in brothels. ''The motivation relies on the attempt to legalize prostitution and this way clarify the social situation of persons that, either way, activate in this sector by integrating them in the social insurance, health and pensions system'', Silviu Prigoana explained in a press release, quoted by the Romanian news agency Mediafax.

According to the legislative proposal, the authorized activity with a social character designates the sexual activity engaged by a person with a legal authorization, based on an agreement between two parties for normal sexual relations, in accordance with hygiene rules.

The initiative rules that any person who is at least 20 years old and physically capable can engage in such activities. Those requesting these services need to be at least 16 years old. The initiative reads that the Health ministry should authorize doctors that can decide whether a person is able to practice such a job. The authorization will be released by local city halls.

The person that engages in such activities has the right to dignity, to refuse clients or services requested and to give up this activity at any moment without payment of penalties or announcing the brothel. Brothels, in the draft law, function as commercial companies that have contractual relations with authorized individuals.

Such a law, according to Silviu Prigoana, would increase the control over AIDS and other diseases associated with sexual activities, would protect persons that practice prostitution and will protect the society overall from a series of collateral facts related to prostitution like human trafficking, physical aggressions, rapes, fiscal evasion, drug use.