Finance minister Gheorghe Ialomitianu and Labor Minister Ioan Botis will announce in a press conference, the modifications brought to the emergency ordinance number 58/2010 which regulates social contributions for individuals with copyright contracts and authorized individuals.

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Labor minister Ioan Botis

  • the most important thing is that starting Monday, September 13, the employer will make the monthly payments of social contributions
  • There will be a ceiling for pensions and unemployment contributions, not for health 
  • if a person earns occasional revenues, he/she will not pay social contributions 
  • if a person does not have a contractual relationship and lives exclusively off occasional revenues, the ceiling will be set at 5 average salaries/year 
  • if it has regular activities and has a salary it pays taxes up to 5 average salaries/month
  • if it has only copyright contracts it pays up to 5 average salaries/month

Finance minister Ialomitianu

  • There were several working groups on the project to modify the ordinance and the one that it was released by the government's general secretariat does not pertain to the ministry