Volksbank is one of the banks most criticized by unsatisfied clients. At HotNews.ro's request, bank representatives accepted to answer a few questions related to the causes that lead to a situation in which hundreds of clients plan to collectively sue the bank. Moreover, HotNews.ro wanted to hear out the views of the bank's representatives and what are their solutions for these problems. Marketing & Communications Director, Alin Merer accepted to answer the questions on behalf of the bank.

Merer declared that Volksbank is not necessarily on a worse or better position in terms of the number of clients that sued the bank. He said that sadly, sometimes, due to high mediatization, there are clients that are dissatisfied even with solution that are favorable to them.

The bank is well aware that the economic situation of some clients deteriorated lately and the bank is trying to support them in any way possible, Merer said. He underlined that the bank has no intention of withdrawing from Romania and any rumour on the topic is not true.

Merer declared that the bank is at the disposal of clients with any clarification or talks. He said that the bank is open to talks and eager to find the best solutions for each problem clients might face.