Bucharest court decided on Friday, at 1:40 AM to temporary arrest, for 29 days, media mogul and businessman Sorin Ovidiu Vantu, Octavian Turcan, a Moldovan citizen working closely with Vantu and Vantu's driver, Stoian Alexandru. As he heard the decision, SOV addressed the judge and said: Shame, lady, shame! We assiste to the blackest period of our history since December 1989.

The lawyers of the three declared that they will appeal the decision. Prosecutors put forward, to the Bucharest Tribunal the request to arrest the three for 29 days. SOV is accused of regularly sending money to Romanian Nicolae Popa, who escaped the country to avoid a 15 years of prison sentence.

See how the events unfolded

UPDATE 14 1:45 AM The court decided to arrent the three for 29 days

UPDATE 13 00:45 AM The lawyers of the three retained left the court but refused to make any declarations. The judges deliberate.

UPDATE 12 Judge Ana Maria Garofil, who was part of the judges who decided to arrest, on April 2009 football club owner Gigi Becali

UPDATE 11 22:25 PMSorin Ovidiu Vantu reached the court

UPDATE 10 22:10 PM Turcan's lawyer claims he does not know Ppa. In several minutes the three retained will arrive at the court house

UPDATE 9 21:38 PM Prosecutors put forward the request of temporary arrest for 29 days for the three

UPDATE 8 20:46 PM Liviu Luca leaves the hearings without being retained. He declared that Vantu is his friend and will remain his friend.

UPDATE 7 19:00 PMLiviu Luca is heard by prosecutors.

UPDATE 617:00 Octavian Turcan was retained by prosecutors.

UPDATE 516:40 PM Justice ministry announced that the Indonesian President approved the request of Romanian authorities to expel Nicolae Popa.

UPDATE 4 12:53 PMOvidiu Turcan, Moldovan citizen, Alex Stoian and Liviu Luca (former leader of the trade union at oil company Petrom) are heard in the same file, suspected of helping Nicolae Popa.

UPDATE 3 12:50 PMNews television Realitatea TV announces that Sorin Ovidiu Vantu is arrested. Prosecutors might request a temporary arrest warrant for 29 days for Vantu.

UPDATE 12:40 PM Sorin Ovidiu Vantul was arrested for 24 hours in the case regarding the escape of Nicolae Popa, sourced told HotNews.ro. "When Basescu will lose a fight, I will see him in my place", the businessman declared after the hearings.

UPDATE 12:26 PM Sorin Ovidiu Vantu was heard by prosecutors in the case of the escape from Romania of Nicolae Popa, former Gelsor director, sentenced to 15 years of prison in the file of FNI, a financial pyramid tricking thousands of people. Sources told HotNews.ro that Vantu is being heard but not retained. News television Realitatea TV reads that Vantu was retained, but the information was not verified.

Prosecutors and police officers searched 10 addresses and is currently hearing several persons in the file investigating the circumstances that lead to the escape of Nicolae Popa from Romania.

Romanian authorities urged Indonesian authorities to repatriate Nicolae Popa. The Justice Indonesian minister approved the repatriation but the procedure needs the approval of the President, local police reads.

Former Gelsor director Nicolae Popa was arrested on December 2 last year by Jakarta officials. He was sentenced in 2006 in Bucharest to 15 years of prison for fraud together with Ioana Maria Vlas. The decision was final in 2009.

Nicolae Popa was director of the Gelsor group and member of Sov Invest, the company managing FNI.